Photo: Margaretta K. Mitchell

Photo: Margaretta K. Mitchell

About Terri

Soon after arriving in the Bay Area from her native New York in the early 1970s, Terri Hinte began working at Berkeley’s Fantasy Records. By the end of that decade she’d become the label’s publicity director, a post she held for nearly 30 years. She was privileged during that time to promote the music and professional endeavors of many hundreds of artists, ranging from Bill Evans and Hank Crawford to Sylvester and Sonny Rollins. Terri took a special interest in Brazilian music, learning Portuguese and traveling extensively in Brazil. In 2006—the year she left the company—she was honored as the De Facto Curator of Fantasy Records by the Jazz Journalists Association, which presented her with one of its A Team Awards.

As a freelancer, Terri continues to handle public relations for artists and musical enterprises whose work she admires. She is also a travel writer and essayist, a longtime student of metaphysics, and former chair of the Arts and Culture Commission for the city of Richmond, California, where she works and gardens.


Music Publicist

“In her dealings as a publicist, [Terri Hinte] has consistently demonstrated an astute and productive understanding of the significance of the press in promoting jazz, and she has made a practice of engaging jazz journalists with sensitivity and genuine interest in their specific interests and preferences.” —Jazz Journalists Association (Jazz Awards 2006)

“Hands down, the absolute best.” —Bob Blumenthal, Billboard

Terri is currently working with Sonny Rollins, whom she has represented since 1978; Chicago vocalist Carolyn Fitzhugh, whose second album Living in Peace was produced by Mark Ruffin and arranged by Amina Figarova; Songs: The Music of Allen Toussaint, the new album by the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and their first under the artistic direction of Adonis Rose; vocalist Laurie Antonioli's The Constant Passage of Time, her third recording with her American Dreams band; Encantada Live, the latest by Rio-born, California-based vocalist-composer Claudia Villela; keyboardist-composer Marcos Silva's third album (and first in 30 years), Brasil From Head to Toe; Transitions, the latest work by the Marcus Shelby Orchestra, featuring a four-part suite exploring Negro League baseball; and Sailing Home, the new Origin CD by Texas singer-songwriter Rosana Eckert, produced by Peter Eldridge.



During her many years at Fantasy Records, Terri Hinte was responsible for writing, assigning, and/or editing all bios, press releases, liner notes, newsletters, ads, brochures, and miscellaneous copy generated in connection with the company’s CDs and supporting promotional materials. “Her newsletters and advisories were light-years beyond the puffery that passes for publicity in too many precincts of the music business,” wrote Doug Ramsey in his blog, Rifftides.

Terri was the principal contributor to the Brazilian music section of the original All Music Guide (1993). Travelers’ Tales Brazil (1997) includes two of her essays, one of which—“Argentino”—was a first-prize winner in the 1994 Book Passage Travel Writing Conference writing contest. Since 1994 she has been a member of the Women Writers’ Workshop of Oakland, California. She co-edited (with Elizabeth Fishel) and contributed to the group’s two collections, Wednesday Writers: Ten Years of Writing Women’s Lives (2003) and Something That Matters (2007). 

In 2006 Terri wrote the booklet essay for the boxed set The Prime of Antonio Carlos Jobim (Runt/Water Music). She was honored in the annual Solas Awards for Best Travel Writing in 2007 (Silver Certificate for her story “Ask and Receive,” in the Travel and Healing category) and 2010 (Gold Certificate for “Hulk and Me,” Animal Encounter category).



Photo: Margaretta K. Mitchell

Photo: Margaretta K. Mitchell


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